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Opportunities for RENSOL increases through economic alliances

New opportunities to meet demands for solar heaters, in the national and foreign markets, arise for the Rensol Renewable Energy Company, located in the municipality of Morón in Ciego de Ávila, as a result of economic alliances that will support growth in production.

Arley González Escalante, general director of the entity, referred to an International Economic Association contract that will expand the possibilities of sales to prioritized sectors such as agro-food and tourism, in which the transformation of the energy matrix is considered as a goal for the sustainable development; therefore, they bet on the use of so-called clean energy.

He explained that, in hotel and non-hotel facilities, solar heaters guarantee the availability of water at an adequate temperature—above 50 degrees Celsius—for personal hygiene in the rooms, and disinfection processes in areas where food is prepared and dispensed to guests, so that compliance with elementary quality standards is ensured.

The use of this technology—he told the Cuban News Agency—responds to economic and environmental interests, by reducing dependence on fossil fuels for the production of electrical energy, which also avoids emissions of polluting gases into the environment.

González Escalante stressed that sales to countries in the Caribbean region will represent a guarantee for the financial stability of the company, since they will obtain capital for new investments.

He added that negotiations in the Mariel Special Development Zone, in the province of Artemisa, will make it possible to increase the production of plastic tanks (fundamentally intended for water storage) that will satisfy requests from the international market and prioritized national programs in the fields of Construction, Health, Education, and other essentials to improve the quality of life of the people.

For the current year, he added, the Ministry of Economy and Planning has assigned Rensol more than one million pesos, which will increase the manufacture of solar heaters, with the aim of advancing the energy efficiency program. (Written by Roman Romero)

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