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Morón specialists promote environmental diagnoses

The development of environmental diagnoses as a way to support the management of different economic institutions in the country constitutes one of the actions through which the Ciego de Ávila Center for Environmental Bioengineering and Biodiversity (CIBA) contributes to the economic recovery of the bigger of the Antilles.

According to the statements of the Master of Science Yamilé Jiménez Peña, director of the center, in the year 2022 several productive units that belong to the AZCUBA business group benefited, five of them in the Ciro Redondo municipality, and two both in Venezuela and in Morón, which made it possible to contribute to the Food Sovereignty program.

Environmental diagnoses are among the most important services provided by the CIBA since they directly affect the protection of the environment by being aimed at identifying the possible threats that any entity poses to the environment, as well as the measures that must be applied to minimize its impact or eliminate it.

In this way, processes can be considered that guarantee the harmony of the company with the environment and, in this sense, are decisive factors that the Center for Environmental Bioengineering and Biodiversity of Ciego de Ávila offers to the different entities for the prevention and mitigation of the increasing pollution that affects our planet. (Written by Llamil Ruiz González)

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