En este momento estás viendo Mini-industries, a valid option for the economy
Mini-industries produce a variety of foods Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Mini-industries, a valid option for the economy

Small, efficient and appropriate, mini-industries are links in a chain in the communities that take finished products to homes.

These can be of diverse characteristics, ranging from agricultural products to furniture and toys.

The most innovative are those that produce food, always associated with credit and service cooperatives to prepare the products of the land in various forms.

From the furrow come out the viands, fruits, vegetables…, that in the small factories are converted into foodstuffs in diverse presentations, of high demand by the population.

Thus, jams, juices, pickles, peeled and chopped fruits and vegetables and other initiatives are offered, which are very well received by consumers.

Contributing to Cuba food sovereignty is one of the objectives of these mini-industries, which are also a source of employment, with good salaries for their workers.

The extension of these types of peasant handicraft workshops, and their linkage with other economic actors, constitute an excellent option for the country’s development.

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