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Measures implemented to prevent traffic accidents in Ciego de Avila

Some of the measures implemented in Ciego de Avila to prevent traffic accidents during the New Year’s holidays are the activation of different points for alcohol control and limitations on the circulation of state vehicles outside working hours, or without an authorization letter.

This was revealed in a meeting with the sub-commissions that make up the Road Safety Commission in this province, in which Sonia Hernández Talavera, its executive secretary, informed that in the final stretch of 2023, the surveillance and patrolling service is being reinforced in the highways with the highest incidence of these events.

Likewise, she informed that the technical reviews of vehicles used for passenger transportation will be increased, while she announced that operations will be carried out during which equipment circulating without a Transport Operation License will be seized.

On the other hand, Olga Gener Pérez, delegate of this sector in the territory of Avila, added that joint operations will be carried out in order to avoid the presence of stray animals on the railroad and railroad tracks.

Work is also being carried out on the maintenance and repair of road signaling, while at the same time actions are being carried out to maintain safety in the movement of trains.

Gener Pérez called for greater organization in each of the tasks, for which he specified the need for greater communication and management of the rapid response group to avoid traffic accidents.

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