En este momento estás viendo Mango campaign kicks off at Majagua cannery
Entities belonging to the provinces of Sancti Spíritus and Camagüey will provide raw materials/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Mango campaign kicks off at Majagua cannery

With the arrival of the first quintals of the coveted fruit from the Reinaldo Mannig Credit and Service Cooperative of the Lázaro López Community at its mills, the Majagua canning factory started the current mango season.

As a previous step to this work, considered the second most productive, preceded by the tomato process, the workers of the centre, together with the movement of innovators and rationalisers, carried out a general repair that included the concentrators, the mats and the areas of the mills.

Jorge Calvo Fariñas, administrator of this food industry establishment, pointed out that despite the fact that the contracting work in the agricultural production units continued and that the stage was unfavourable for the cultivation of this fruit, and the forecasts for the campaign amount to around 1,500 tonnes.

There are 14 production units located in the southwest of Avila and a group of entities belonging to the province of Sancti Spiritus and to the west of neighbouring Camagüey, which through their usual contributions strengthen the delivery of raw material.

A work team was set up at the Majagua canning factory to evaluate the quality indicator of the fruit, bearing in mind that the price per hundredweight is 342 pesos, a figure which, if the product is in the premium category, is paid at 500 pesos.

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