En este momento estás viendo Majagua develops Meteor 2023 actions
Tree pruning is one of the main prevention actions/Photos: Amador Rodríguez López

Majagua develops Meteor 2023 actions

The monitoring of rivers, streams and micro dams due to possible intense rains, among other prevention measures, were part of the issues discussed by the Defense Council of the municipality of Majagua at the beginning of the 2023 Strategic Exercise.

In this area, the management of each entity presented their updated plans in relation to the tasks of confronting disasters, whether of natural, technical or sanitary origin, with the aim of preserving the lives of human beings and material resources.

Proof of this was the report offered by the Housing Department, which reported the existence of 37 buildings at risk of collapse and the actions that reduce the danger, as well as the preparation of the responsible personnel to immediately assess the damage that rains and strong winds can cause in a general sense.

The issue of drought and fires was also highly debated, which made it possible to verify that the number of existing firebreak trails is still insufficient, in forest and crop areas, mainly in the state sector, which registered the highest number of accidents in the last months.

Likewise, the following were part of the analyzes prior to the start of the hurricane season: the water supply, not to neglect measures regarding epidemics such as COVID-19 and dengue fever and diarrheal outbreaks, and to publicize the threat facing the country avian fever and brucellosis.

The theoretical session of the Meteoro 2023 Strategic Exercise in Majagua concluded with a tour of a group of facilities where the measures oriented in this regard were put into practice.

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