En este momento estás viendo Majagua achieves favorable entomoepidemiological situation
Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Majagua achieves favorable entomoepidemiological situation

A lower infestation rate and low reactivity with respect to the IGM, laboratory tests which objective is to determine the possible positivity of dengue, makes the municipality of Majagua present a favorable entomoepidemiological situation.

This was announced by the sub-director of hygiene and epidemiology Gilberto Suárez Hernández, who also referred to the decrease in the number of Aedes mosquitoes and the contradictory appearance of non-specific febrile syndromes that sometimes require the hospitalization of patients.

The specialist also warned about the presence of leptospirosis in the territory and the similarity of its symptoms with other arbovirosis, which is why a person who feels unwell as a sign of being infected should go to the medical services within 72 hours, after which time the complications may be greater.

Regarding the reduction of the harmful vector, Suárez Hernández argued about the treatments aimed at eliminating the reiterative blocks, the timely blocking of infected facilities and the effectiveness of the extra-home fumigations.

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