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Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Literary meeting of Majagua writers

Vivino Venegas Venegas, writer from the town of Guayacanes, with his octosyllable «To Camilo and Che» won first place in the literary workshop debate meeting held in the municipality of Majagua.

In the contest, which was part of the activities for the Cuban Culture Day, the works «Homenaje» by Esperanza Granados Betancourt and «La espera» by Amador Rodríguez López, took second place, while «Triunfará el amor» by author Daimí Martínez Lugo, won third place.

In addition, at the awards ceremony, the participants were given honorable mentions: Emma Naranjo, Teresita Guerra and Osvaldo Figueredo, all from the Ismaelillo House of Culture in Guayacanes.  Luis Pacheco Granado, a well-known avilanian writer, said: «It has been very productive and very interesting, with a good participation»,

«These literary events that take place in Majagua have always been very good,» said Pacheco, and suggested that the writers of this territory, mainly decimists and poets, expand the repertoire of their themes, work on different topics, such as the development of their work and also try to integrate young people.

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