En este momento estás viendo July 26: Stronger beats in Ciego de Ávila
Photos: Osvaldo Gutiérrez Gomez

July 26: Stronger beats in Ciego de Ávila

The Political Bureau of the Party recognizes the results of the province. Avilanians intensify actions of the movement # LatirXUn26DeVictorias

The heartbeat of the protagonists of the political, productive and emulative movements in Ciego de Ávila is felt stronger, after knowing that the effort of the workers and the people of this central province was recognized by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, in the evaluation of the results in homage to the 70th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.

In the central José Martí park, in the provincial capital, and similar facilities in the municipalities, events characterized by joy and commitment to multiply actions in economic, social and recreational tasks, including those of the summer season program, were held, all foreseen in the LatirXUn26deVictorias movement.

Among the priorities is the promotion of food production in regular shifts and mobilization of volunteer work, mainly in attention to agricultural programs, and integral work on sugar cane plantations and repairs to agro-industrial machinery, with a view to the next harvest.

Construction, repair or maintenance works of economic and social interest are also carried out, such as schools, homes, warehouses, parks, roads, primary health care offices, hospitals in the cities of Ciego de Ávila and Morón, and in this last territory they will put into operation the third children’s house.

Together with Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, Alfre Menéndez Pérez, Governor, and other leaders, workers and , union leaders were present at the event, headed by Niurka Ferrer Castillo, general secretary of the CTC in the Avilanian territory .

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