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Turiguanó Wind Field/Photo: Juventud Rebelde

Harnessing renewable energies at Genetic Livestock Company Turiguanó

Among the strengths of the Genetic Livestock Company Turiguanó, an institution located in the municipality of Morón in the avilanian province, stands out the rational use of renewable energies, particularly solar energy, through the installation of photovoltaic panels, and wind energy, by means of windmills, to supply water to the animals, especially in the most remote areas.

This was explained by its director, Luis Alberto Nieves Surí, who assured that the application of a policy that pursues a friendlier relationship with the environment is guaranteed, which is manifested, for example, in the hot water system used in the meat processing plant, which is achieved by means of solar panels.

At the same time, windmills are used in the fields to extract water for the cattle, which is combined with submersible pumps also powered by solar energy, and among the projections is the replacement of the traditional fences in all the grazing areas with electrified fences that will also use energy from the sun.

In this way, the Genetic Livestock Company Turiguanó has not only become an example of economic efficiency but also an entity that places among its priorities the care of the environment and the use of clean energies, a fact that at the same time influences in the saving of energy carriers and therefore in the development of our country. (LLamil Ruiz González)

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