En este momento estás viendo Guantanamo doctors to strengthen services in Ciego de Ávila (+Photos)

Guantanamo doctors to strengthen services in Ciego de Ávila (+Photos)

The April 11 brigade of the Reasons for Life contingent, formed voluntarily by 23 doctors recently graduated from the University of Medical Sciences of Guantánamo, was flagged off today in this city with the aim of consolidating primary health care in the central province of Ciego de Ávila over the next three years.

Dr. Nael Preval Campello, director of the Health Sector, handed the banner to Yesica Rojas Barbier, head of the force that will strengthen the Family Doctor and Nurse program created 39 years ago by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, which was extended throughout the country to improve the health of the population, based on a clinical, epidemiological and social approach.

I am sure that the young professionals will be an example in work, study and self-improvement, and will honorably fulfill their missions, just as they did in the successful confrontation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the executive stressed.

The doctors, members of the structure created by the University Student Federation (FEU) at the university, responded to a call from the Ministry of Public Health to fill vacancies in the avilanian doctor’s offices.

During the ceremony, held in the small city square that recreates the landing of the National Hero José Martí and General Máximo Gómez on the Cajobabo Beach, the brigadistas confirmed their will to continue the humanist work of the Cuban Revolution and not to give up in the fulfillment of their duty.

Dr. Léster Aguilera Hernández, a native of the municipality of El Salvador, considered that the brigade’s flag-bearing is a historic moment for the young professionals from Guantanamo, who are committed to cover the assistance needs of any place in the country and the world.

Rafael Pérez Fernández, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and first secretary of the political organization in this eastern province, congratulated the brigade doctors from Guantanamo, of whom he said that they are not satisfied with being part of history, but that they write it with their example, dignity and decorum.

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