En este momento estás viendo Ferroazuc Ciro Redondo, the super locomotive
Given the financial constraints to acquire new spare parts, the innovators maintain the ascending rhythm of Ferroazuc Ciro Redondo in the railway and economic recovery. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Ferroazuc Ciro Redondo, the super locomotive

The workers of the Base Business Unit (UEB) in charge of transporting by railway the productions of the sugar industry and other loads from and to Ciego de Ávila, show with their efficiency that they are true protagonists of the economic contribution so that the municipality of Ciro Redondo won the seat of the provincial act for July 26.

Although the sugar season that ended last May did not bring the desired dividends to its main economic and productive mission, the Ferroazuc collective turned its attention towards alternatives to materialize the balance of charges, strengthen its corporate purpose and, to this day, maintain transportation to industries in other provinces of sugar, honey, plaster, clinker and aggregates, and carry fertilizers to the Avilanian territory.

Also the railway men, with their workshop located in the Palma Sola branch of the town of Pina, are currently making progress in the locomotive repair program, with 46% of the plan fulfilled in less than two months after the start of the task, and 45% for hauling teams, with a view to their participation in the next sugar contest, management that represents one of its main strengths, which is the coefficient of technical availability of the equipment.

Not by chance, at the recent Provincial Conference of the Transport and Port Workers Union, the Ferroazuc Ciro Redondo collective was compared to a super locomotive in the process of recovering the railway and the Cuban economy.

This is corroborated by the data from the economic balance of the first half of this year, with the fulfillment of mercantile production at 122% and other dividends, thanks to the contribution of the innovators who dignify their unit with the reference condition in the manufacture and recovery of spare parts.

The railway transport exploitation engineer, Master in Management and director of the UEB, Juan Luis Mora Tamayo mentions among the contributions the construction of equipment for new microparks in communities, from the headquarters on 26 in the province of Avila.

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