En este momento estás viendo Details of mobilization against Milei’s measures to be defined in Argentina
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Details of mobilization against Milei’s measures to be defined in Argentina

Members of the Polo and the Partido Obrero of Argentina will define today the details of a mobilization against the adjustment plan and other measures announced by the Government of Javier Milei to prevent demonstrations.

At a press conference, representatives of these organizations, Vanina Biasi, Gabriel Solano and Eduardo Belliboni, confirmed that a massive protest will be held on the 20th of this month with the participation of thousands of members of more than 50 groups.

They also specified that during a meeting scheduled for 5:00 p.m., local time, on this day, unions and human rights defenders will make the call.

Solano pointed out that the cuts, layoffs, the elimination of public works and subsidies to energy and transport, among other announcements made by the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo, constitute «a war plan against the people».

He also denounced the measures approved by the head of Security Patricia Bullrich, who announced that the four federal forces will intervene in the event of cuts, pickets and partial or total blockades of streets and public places.

Bullrich informed the day before the application of a new protocol for the maintenance of order, in which the Gendarmerie, the Naval Prefecture, the Airport Security Police and the Federal Police will participate, in addition to the penitentiary service.

If they take to the streets there will be consequences, he said.

Solano asserted that the above is illegal and reminded that the right to protest is protected by the National Constitution. If the Minister wants to suspend the existing constitutional guarantees she has one way: to send a request to Congress to declare a state of siege, he said.

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