En este momento estás viendo Cuban audiovisual producer announces photographic exhibition
Roberto Chile, Cuban audiovisual producer. Photo: PL

Cuban audiovisual producer announces photographic exhibition

The renowned Cuban audiovisual producer, cameraman and cultural promoter Roberto Chile announced in Guatemala City the preparation of a photographic exhibition entitled Convergencia, on the occasion of his 70th birthday next September.

I couldn’t find a better way to celebrate,» the scriptwriter, director of documentaries, reports and short films on the history, culture and current affairs of the Caribbean’s largest island, told Prensa Latina in Guatemala City.

Each set, because it will have single images, four and up to 10 together, will feature tenths of the Antillean poet Alexis Díaz Pimienta, said the author of «Desafío», «En mis ojos brillas tú», or «Elogio de la Virtud».

We have already worked a lot on it and I am dedicated to preparing it,» said Chile, who has previously shown his photographs and other collective exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Spain and Belgium, including Afrodescendants and Guanabacoa-Cuba.

I will invite my friends and all the people who are interested in what I do with my camera to the Galería El Reino de Este Mundo at the National Library in Havana,» he said.

Born on 27 September 1954, Chile confessed to this agency that the two most important missions he has for this time are to sow love, affection and trust wherever he goes. That is a difficult task, he admitted, «but I intend to leave a trail of affection wherever I am, with my work, the treatment of other human beings, whether in Cuba or abroad», he added.

The other is to support my children (Daniel and Yanelis), said the winner of the 2019 José Martí National Journalism Prize, with the Replica of the Machete Mambí of General Máximo Gómez (1998).

He expressed his pride that the former followed the path of audiovisual production, «it is very stimulating», he stressed, and said that they have worked together, «I have taught him everything I could, but I have learned from him».

The Cuban historian Eusebio Leal (1942-2020) said that Chile «has been able to forge a singular, always dignified and luminous image of Cuba».

His images form a universe of faith and spirituality, perceptible to those who, like him, are capable of loving, the intellectual said.

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