En este momento estás viendo Cuba guarantees personal data protection to its citizens
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Cuba guarantees personal data protection to its citizens

Law 149 «On Personal Data Protection» today guarantees Cubans control over their data and prevents any invasion in the transmission of their personal rights, whether intimate or not.

This was established in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba in its Ordinary Edition number 90 of August 25, 2022, which legislative content was approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power last May 14.

On the central idea of the same, the Minister of Justice of the Caribbean island, recently referred to how Article 97 of the Constitution of the Republic recognizes the right of every person to access their personal data and to ensure its non-disclosure.

According to the publication of the Ministry of Justice website, this norm offers security to individuals to have access to data stored in records, files, databases and information of a public nature, as well as to request their modification and to obtain the due correction, rectification, modification, updating or cancellation.

For specialists, this rule is very necessary today as it goes hand in hand with technological advances and especially digital environments and their impact on the development of economic, political and social life of people.

«The Law on Personal Data Protection is the realization of the priority that Cuba needs to have a legal regulation of this type, where the fundamental principles and guarantees for the protection of the owner of personal information are delimited and raise the citizens’ perception of risk before the destination and treatment of their data,» said the Cuban judicial body.

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