Communal Services workers carry out shock tasks in Ciego de Ávila

Tener una ciudad m´s limpia y bella es el objetivo de los trabajadores de Comunales en Ciego de Ávila/Fotos Odania García Heredia

The construction of two parks and the capital repair of five bus stops are among the tasks being carried out by workers of the Communal Services in the Vicente Popular Council, as part of the Day of Decisive Effort, in salute to the 64th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution.

Luis Alberto Pérez Olivares, director of this entity in the province, reported that the works are progressing at a good pace and there are no difficulties for their delivery on schedule.

Brigades belonging to the company Comcavila are working on the construction of the parks, which also includes the planting and improvement of ornamental plants by workers of green areas.

Pérez Olivares pointed out that as part of the work day, multiple tasks aimed at achieving the environmental sanitation of the community are being completed, with the construction of 11 solid waste deposits, the repair of the emblematic parks of the city and the installation of street lights.

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