En este momento estás viendo Colombia rejects violent acts against Cuba

Colombia rejects violent acts against Cuba

The friendship group between the parliaments of Colombia and Cuba rejected the violent acts against the Caribbean island and the plans to destabilize the institutionality of its government, generate chaos and insecurity.

This grouping of solidarity between the Congress of the South American country and the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba denounced the planning of actions from the United States, such as an operation of infiltration and illegal entry through the northern coast of the western province of Matanzas.

«Some of the people involved have confessed their intentions in the trials carried out against them, as part of groups whose objectives include generating terror among the Cuban people,» she said.

He recalled the two attacks on the Havana embassy in Washington, after urging the complete cessation of the aggressive policy of hatred and instigation to violence against the government and population of the largest of the Antilles.

«We reject any violent act committed against the Cuban people, we make an energetic call to abandon violent methods and hate speeches. The world must move forward in the construction of nations and international relations in peace, based on cooperation, integration and solidarity,» he emphasized.

Cuba, he added, has shown itself to be a friend of the Colombian people through its support for the construction of peace in the country and in various fields of social development such as health and education.

Finally, the friendship group asked the competent authorities «to collaborate to help dismantle these illegal and violent exercises that have no justification whatsoever».

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