En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila to celebrate the national activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Day
Photo: René Pérez Massola

Ciego de Ávila to celebrate the national activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Day

Faced with the challenge for the Cuban labor scenario of epidemiological diseases such as Covid-19 and dengue, and others of an occupational nature, it is necessary to improve the administrative management and the attention of the trade union movement for the continuous improvement of working conditions in each entity of the country.

In this endeavor, prevention measures and control of hazards and risks in the workplace should be strengthened. The province of Ciego de Ávila is no exception in the need to increase these prophylactic actions, but results have been achieved there so that it will be the venue for the national activities of the Work Safety and Health Day, from November 1st to 30th.

Yuniel Espinosa Reyes, member of the Secretariat of the Workers’ Central of Cuba in the territory, highlighted among the achievements the declaration of Safe Center to several entities for the outstanding performance of their collectives in the fulfillment of the hygienic sanitary measures, the actions to avoid the contagions caused by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito and the prevention and control of occupational diseases, among other tasks.

He said that the central act of the beginning of the national safety and health day will take place at the Construction Materials Company, National Vanguard collective, and the closing ceremony will be held at the Máximo Gómez Báez University.

During the stage, initiatives will be developed to stimulate outstanding workers in occupational risk prevention measures, members of focal self-control brigades, collectives without occupational accidents, drivers without incidents on the road, outstanding workers and leaders in blood donations, among other recognitions.

The program includes a training activity with young people who began their working lives, a colloquium with specialists in occupational medicine, and the declaration of protected areas and model canteens.

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