En este momento estás viendo Chronicle of a historical event in the distance of one hundred years

Chronicle of a historical event in the distance of one hundred years

In February 1924, the best equipped pharmacy in the town of Avileño was called «La Central» because it was «the best stocked». Its owner, Dr. Eduardo Valdés Figueroa and his wife, Mrs. Mercedes Benavides, prepared a remedy against ignorance and misinformation.

This time, the invitation would be to consume culture, the residents wondered what is this radio station they call «Emisora radial»? And the others raised their shoulders and arched their eyebrows as a sign of ignorance.

Meanwhile at the pharmacy everything was bustling, little by little the guests were arriving, at nine o’clock in the evening would be the inauguration ceremony, the musicians were tuning their musical instruments, at the last minute changes were made to the announced script, in the backyard of the pharmacy sweets and drinks were prepared to toast the health of the new media first in the region of Ciego de Avila, belonging to the province of Camagüey.

The newspaper «El Pueblo» had announced it in its Saturday February 2nd edition and its reporter Menéndez was there to take detailed notes of such important news. And so it was, on Tuesday, February 5, the information was made public.

With about thirty guests, belonging to the Avileño commerce and a portal crowded with curious onlookers, the villagers gave credit to the airing of 7BY, the first radio station in Avileña on Sunday, February 3, 1924. (Written by Hugo Santana Labañino)

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