Chapman Waugh evaluates sustainability of water supply in Ciego de Ávila


Cuban Deputy Prime Minister, Inés María Chapman Waugh, evaluated this Sunday in Ciego de Ávila the sustainability of the water supply in view of the country’s complex energy situation.

During the meeting at the headquarters of the Government of People’s Power, Chapman Waugh verified how most of the pumping stations for both the population and agriculture continue to be protected in the province with generators.

Deputy Prime Minister Inés María Chapman Waugh acknowledged that this central province has a stable work, being the sanitation the most complex situation due to obstructions and waste dumping.

In spite of the energy contingency, Ciego de Ávila does not register any population where water is supplied in nine days, with the exception of the delivery by tank cars with cycles of up to seven days.

At the time of writing, the construction status of the Travase canal was being evaluated, while a tour of hydraulic works in the territory is planned.

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