En este momento estás viendo Ceasefire in Gaza, the claim that haunts Biden

Ceasefire in Gaza, the claim that haunts Biden

One demand haunts U.S. President Joe Biden everywhere he travels today: Ceasefire in Gaza, putting a discordant point on his campaign for re-election.

Protesters interrupt unrelated events to demand that the Democratic leader help end Israel’s genocide in Gaza, which has already claimed more than 26,000 lives since October 7, according to Palestinian sources.

Biden’s most recent appearance, in Michigan, met with the same fate. For some observers, it was unfortunate that the occupant of the Oval Office went to that state the day before and did not meet with members of the resident Arab-American population, much of which is angry at his handling of the situation in the besieged coastal strip.

The itinerary did not take him to Dearborn, where they constitute the majority of the population, nor did it include any meetings with leaders of that community, local media reported.

Even Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, one of the strongest critics of the war in Gaza, did not accompany the president on the trip.

What Biden did do was meet with a representation of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union to celebrate the union’s recent endorsement, although the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were held there by police with riot shields, reports said.

This brings to the surface the challenges facing the ruler in a key state in the November elections and where there is also the highest density of Arab Americans in the country.

Last week a group of women went on hunger strike in front of the White House to demand that not one more child die in Gaza because of Israeli weapons from the United States, and a speech by Biden on abortion in Virginia had to be paused in the face of the slogans.

The same thing happened when he spoke at an African-American church in South Carolina and at the UAW event in this capital, where he went to receive support for his campaign and found the reminder still unheard.

For its part, the Center for Constitutional Rights issued a statement in which it stressed that a federal judge determined that Israel is plausibly participating in the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

But it concluded that the United States is providing «ongoing support» for massive attacks against Palestinian civilians in contravention of international law.

That ruling followed a recent landmark ruling by the International Court of Justice, which also declared that the Israeli government was engaged in genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

In December, the president admitted that international public opinion is turning against Israel, whose war declared on the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in Gaza on October 7 exceeded 26,000 deaths, according to an update from Palestinian sources.

Throughout this time, Biden expressed that his «administration’s support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering.»

«We will continue to provide military assistance to Israel until they get rid of Hamas, but we have to be careful, they have to be careful,» the ruler said.

Public opinion around the world – he stressed – can change overnight, we can’t let that happen.

Support for Israel is not new. The United States sends billions of dollars in military aid to that country every year.

Data from the Departments of Defense and State show that from 1951 to 2022, US military aid to Israel exceeded 225.2 billion dollars at current prices.

Some polls already show displeasure among sectors of the population that were key for Biden in 2020, such as young people.

The protests also touch members of his cabinet. Vice President Kamala Harris was hindered in her tour for reproductive freedoms in San Jose, California, with the now constant «Cease fire in Gaza».

While dozens of people set up tents outside the home of Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the outskirts of Washington with signs and slogans in favor of Palestine.

Washington DC has also witnessed massive marches in the last three months and for some observers this disturbing atmosphere does not favor the Democrat who, upon reaching the executive mansion, said he would restore the soul of the nation and fight for unity and peace.

It seems that promises are sometimes difficult to keep.

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