En este momento estás viendo Avilanians win National Innovation Award 2024
Magdiel Soto Avilés, from Etecsa Ciego de Ávila/Photo: Taken from Facebook profiles.

Avilanians win National Innovation Award 2024

Relevant results in the application of solutions to machinery, equipment and other means that contribute to economic and social development and the provision of services enabled two Avileños to win this year’s National Award for the Innovator with the Greatest Economic and Social Impact.

Jesús Arcia Crespo, Jardines del Rey International Airport, Cayo Coco

The winners of the award will be announced in their respective workplaces. Magdiel Soto Avilès, from the Telecommunications Company ETECSA, and Jesús Arcia Crespo, from the international airport Jardines del Rey, in Cayo Coco, whose contributions to the economy will be highlighted by Radio Surco in future news programmes.

Other consecrated creators and talented aniristas from Avila have deserved the highest award granted by the National Association of Innovators and Rationalisers, among them the Heroine of Work Verania Hernández Peláez, Yordanis Terry Pérez, Reinaldo Vega López, Rafael Sosa Gómez, Héctor Vidal Iglesias, Asael Cobas Águila, Aramis Ulloa Ferrer, Osvaldo Cepero Leyva and Rafael González-Abreu Fernández.

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