Avilanians participate in a national exercise to reduce electricity demand

Photo: Taken from the Citizen's Portal

With the aim of spreading within the community a culture aimed at the effective rational use of electricity, specialists from the National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy in Ciego de Ávila, participated this Tuesday in an exercise aimed at reducing demand.

The event involves various mass organizations such as the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, the FMC, the trade union movement, education with its influential Click Patrols, as well as the National Association of Small Farmers.

Odalaisi García Caveda, ONURE’s Communicator in the territory, pointed out that the event held for the first time, aims that the Energy Councils at different levels, establish direct links of exchanges in order to achieve unanimously, the reduction of demand at night peak hours.

Likewise, they will issue actions that will evaluate the behavior of the demand by municipalities, which program makes it possible to identify the sectors with the highest consumption.

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