Avilanian sugar growers advance in the integral preparation for the next sugar harvest


In order to achieve greater sugar efficiency in the next sugar harvest, a program is being developed in Ciego de Ávila based on the preparation of its main lines, ranging from the effective cultural attention to the cane, the good technological operation and the correct productive outcome of the sweet grain and the derivatives of the grass.

Gisel Amuedo Yanes, General Secretary of the Union of the industry in the province, pointed out that together with specialists of the AZCUBA Business Group at the same level, they are undertaking actions to ensure a short period, but in which control, fuel savings and other resources, as well as to ensure the plans of the domestic economy and exports, will prevail.

In addition, and taking as a premise that the worker comes first, special attention will be paid to safety and health matters, as well as not neglecting the role of ANIR, labor discipline and the quality of services.

The program also establishes the evaluation of the fulfillment of the daily task of the harvest, the productivity of the operators of combined harvesters, forklifts and drivers, and includes the cutting strategy, defense of the estimates and crop losses.

The sugar harvest in Ciego de Ávila is scheduled to begin on December 22, and for this purpose, work is being intensified in agriculture and industry, essentially in the Ciro Redondo and Ecuador sugar mills, this year selected to manufacture crude and refined sugar according to the plan established for the Cuban national economy.

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