En este momento estás viendo Avilanian basket and end of the year fairs being prepared

Avilanian basket and end of the year fairs being prepared

The contributions of state enterprises and new economic actors in Ciego de Ávila will make it possible to offer a food product module to 180,000 households for the end of the year and in salute to the triumph of the Revolution, in addition to holding fairs in all municipalities on December 28, 29 and 30.

This was confirmed by Yadiel Pérez Téllez, coordinator of agri-food programs and objectives in the provincial government, who explained that the number of nuclei took into account those not inventoried by the Consumer Registry Office, estimated at a little more than 1000.

The so-called Canasta avileña (avilanian basket) will be distributed in a staggered manner, in each territory, between the 12th and 28th of this month, through the Business Group of Commerce warehouse system. The questions that every consumer is asking right now are what is in the basket and how much it will cost.

– In previous years (2021 and 2020) there have been fairs, but the basket by cores is the first time it has been organized.

The module that will be delivered to all the families contains cumin, garlic paste, seasoned onion paste, mojito, adobo, Chinese sauce, complete seasoning, a package of tostones and a package of chopped roots, as well as a bottle of rum.

By municipalities, other products will be added, such as snack paste and pickles (Majagua, Morón and Ciego de Ávila); dry wine (Chambas, Morón and Bolivia); vinegar (Ciego de Ávila, Morón and Chambas); sweet wine (Florencia and Venezuela).

Also, half a kilogram of cheese (Ciego de Ávila and Morón); flavored soy milk (Chambas and Ciro Redondo); soy milk shake (Primero de Enero, Florencia and Majagua); half a kilogram of dressing (Bolivia and Venezuela).

Fish croquettes (Majagua and Primero de Enero); fish with regulated sale in fish market (Chambas, Bolivia, Primero de Enero, Florencia, Majagua, Ciro Redondo, Venezuela and Baraguá). In the case of Morón and the provincial capital, between 4 and 5 tons of fish will be sold in the popular fairs every day.

Regarding meat products, Pérez Téllez said that seasoned ground meat will be delivered per person in the 10 municipalities, as part of the standard basket for the month. In addition, ground meat (100 percent beef) will be sold in Morón and four pounds of pork for the nuclei of Ciego de Ávila. The rest of the territories are working to guarantee animal protein (small livestock and poultry, and large livestock out of balance) for their populations, in the modalities and places they determine.

The contribution of companies such as Agroindustrial Ceballos, La Cuba, Integral Agricultural and Livestock of the capital municipality, Acopio, Canned Food and Vegetables, Beverages and Soft Drinks, Dairy, Fish, Pork, Pigs, Ruta Invasora and Genética Turiguanó has been essential to achieve these goals. Also the local development projects La Trocha and Son de la tierra.

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