En este momento estás viendo Art instructors’ work recognized on Educator’s Day

Art instructors’ work recognized on Educator’s Day

In the occasion of the political act for December 22, Maricé Graelle Aguiar, president of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade in Primero de Enero, received the Honorary Distinction for Cuban education, an award granted to those teachers for their labor merits and active participation in the educational development of a country.

The event highlighted the role of the educators of Violeta and was also a reflection of the work of those exponents catalogued as doctors of the soul, who were born from the hand and genius of the man who on that day in 1967 declared the end of the ignorance of the Cubans: Fidel Castro Ruz.

In the celebration of the Educator’s Day, the effort to train new generations through art was also honored, a recognition that turned into an award for the aforementioned Mariset, who received the prize together with her colleagues Zulema Garoz, Yanara García and Dariannis Ortiz.

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