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Academy of Sciences Awards to be presented this Thursday Compartir

The Cuban Academy of Sciences announced that this Thursday it will award its 84 prizes for the results of scientific research in 2023, one of the highest numbers since its announcement years ago.

The Convent of San Francisco de Asís will be the venue for the ceremony to award these well-deserved prizes to Cuban researchers, Dr Nancy Pavón Fuentes, the institution’s secretary, told the Cuban News Agency.

With regard to such awards by specialised sections of academics, those in the social sciences passed 8 last year, those in technical sciences 7, natural and exact sciences 16, biomedical sciences 27, and social and humanistic sciences 26, according to an official summary.

In the first case, the scientific basis of Moringa oleifera Lam as a functional food in Cuba and Biotechnological strategies for the production of medicinal plants of pharmacological interest stood out.

In the second, artificial intelligence and numerical modelling aimed at improving the vision of the Cuban population, as well as models and optimisation techniques applied to transport problems.

In the third, metal complexes with anticarcinogenic properties derived from acylthioureas and the removal and concentration of pharmaceutical pollutants from wastewater by extraction with novel sorbents.

In the Biomedical Sciences, the most important topics were Alterations of emotional regulation in Mental Disorders: Search for trans-diagnostic bio-markers and Therapeutic algorithm with hypnosis for monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis.

Finally, in the social and humanistic areas, the following stood out: Los pueblos del mundo: una visión descolonizadora y contra hegemónica (The peoples of the world: a decolonising and counter-hegemonic vision), Otras miradas a la historia de Cuba (Other views of Cuban history), and La integralidad pedagógica en la formación universitaria de los profesionales de la educación (Pedagogical integrality in the university training of education professionals).

The Annual Awards of the Cuban Academy of Sciences were established in 1986 in fulfilment of one of its most important functions: to promote the recognition of outstanding scientists and groups, and to disseminate and stimulate the observance of the principles of the professional ethics of scientists.

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