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Ciego de Ávila

Dialogue between producers and managers in Ciego de Ávila

The clarity and passion with which the President of the José Martí Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS), from the municipality of Ciego de Ávila, raised the voltage of the meeting is still vibrating in the Main Theater of the provincial capital. This was acknowledged by Meisy Bolaños Weiss, Minister of Finance and Prices, who presided over the meeting together with Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero, Minister of Agriculture, in an open dialogue between producers and directors.

For the CCS José Martí it is very serious the increase in the price of electricity tariffs and the charge without acceptance, because they are responsible for the energy and water of population settlements, and this burden makes their productions very expensive and makes them decrease even when producing.

A farmer from the CCS El Vaquerito found it easy to explain that the banana is profitable with the centralized price it had and that the delay in the credits aggravates the financial situation.

The Genetic Livestock Company Turiguanó would have millions of dollars in losses if they apply the prices as they are for beef and their sales to tourism, while the director of the Company Ruta Invasora explained that for them to produce a liter of milk costs 13 pesos and the sale price does not reach eight pesos, so they lose.

The CCS Felipe Navarro from Ciro Redondo also referred to this issue, where the cost of a thermos cooler causes them losses.

The Dairy Company pays 15 cents for cooling each liter and when they take into account the salaries and the payment of electricity they have negative results, as is also the case in four other cooperatives in Ciro Redondo.

Osmani Vicente, mayor of the municipality of Baraguá, stated that the farmers of that territory not only deliver, but also support the isolation centers and have the will to continue producing, but now producing each quintal of malanga costs 512 pesos and the collecting company fixed a purchase price of 467.

The Ceballos Agroindustrial Company lost 4.8 million pesos in January and now after the reduction of the prices of Papaya, mango and guava they will be able to reduce the sales of the production derived from these three fruits by 35 percent, but this will not be the case with pineapple and banana, fruits that continue to bring them losses.

The Ministers of Finance and Prices and of Agriculture left Ciego de Ávila convinced that it is necessary to continue revising prices and adjusting costs, and that the Avilanian farmers will continue producing for the people.

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