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Young Martianos in Ciego de Ávila discussed about their organization and functioning (+Photos)

“We are starting a new stage of work, Ciego de Ávila is showing new airs in favor of thought and action”, said Yusuam Palacios Ortega, national president of the Martiano Youth Movement, in the meeting that took place this Tuesday morning in the territory, to celebrate the Provincial Council of this structure.

With the presence of the first 10 municipal secretaries of the Union of Young Communists, as well as Lianet Paso, provincial secretary, and Claudia Ruiz Alpizar, president of the Martiano organization, was analyzed a year that although atypical, gave the opportunity to consider communication actions and planning to strengthen the operation.

The Avilanian territory showed weaknesses in the basic structures, and instability of the presidents in function in the municipalities, elements that have been perfected with an attitude of control and necessary pursuit to make flourish the ideas and convictions of the master in all the social sectors and the ages.

In this sense, Yusuam referred to the fact that being a Martiano implies much more than memorizing phrases and sentenced that the young person with true doctrines in his soul will always be the first to step forward, in the red line against COVID-19, in food production or wherever his services are demanded.

Similarly, representatives of the municipalities present talked about the actions carried out according to the specificities of each area, where Majagua and its intense work in the education sector stands out, and the Chambas members informed that they are working on the cleaning of the well-known Florencia peak, with the objective of keeping it ready for climbing this January 28.

Despite this, the report of the assembly of the Martiano Youth Movement reflected the poor quality of the activities of this year, in which the mode of presence was in the background, and practically ruled out the camps, routes, and promotions.

The meeting was also a necessary opportunity to approve the new members, the work strategies for 2021, the plan of activities, the proposals for the Abdala and Young Homeland Award, and to present the ideological day for the anniversary of the movement.

In the final minutes of the meeting, it was highlighted the recognition offered to Juan Pedro Melo Pacheco, president of the José Martí Cultural Society in Ciego de Ávila, who with satisfaction spoke to the young people and called on them to continue doing superior activities in each new stage of work.

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