To function with deep economic vision


“The union exists because there are workers who are the raison d’etre of the union movement,” said in Ciego de Avila, Ulises Guilarte De Nacimiento.

There is no higher priority than care to workers, therefore the union movement has the responsibility to represent and mobilize them in production processes leading to sustainable development of the economy, said Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, general secretary of the Confederation of Workers of Cuba (CTC), at the XXI Congress Provincial Conference of this organization in Ciego de Avila.

The member of the Political Bureau reported that more than 60% of the proposals made so far in the pre-grand event organic process, are related to the need to improve the union operation as a way to raise the prominence of the leaders of the working class.

An example of that leadership was held in the plenary by Javier Montalvo Pupo, from the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production Ognara, who said that the results of collective deal with the union leadership at the center.

“When there was no union section in 2016 we had a production of 17 tons per hectare. From systematic analysis of the problem in the assembly of members, we raised the yield to 38.6 and we estimate 43 for the next harvest”, he said.

About this aspect, Felix Duarte Ortega, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Communist Party in Ciego de Avila, exemplified that there were in that productive base indiscipline and waste of working hours, theft of resources, millionaire debts, and instability of directing workers.

“Everything has been organized, mainly in the work of attention to the sugar cane since it is one of the groups that provide the ´Primero de Enero´ Sugar factory, among the most efficient in the country”, said the leader.

Several delegates focused their interventions on priorities in this sector because their products are indispensable for the functioning of other food industries, and also because they count with the first and largest bioelectrical plant under construction in the national territory.

During the two working sessions held last weekend, participants at the meeting included the need for training to understand the terms of the economy, In one of the most affected provinces by weather events in recent years.

Despite the shortage of raw materials and other resources to ensure the production of goods and services, there was consensus about what needs to be done to eradicate the subjective problems that affected the failure of some 60 million pesos of net sales planned until July past.

Other pronouncements were aimed at raising the demand of union leaders in a group of entities that did not make profits or expected earnings and others that were exceeded by over 200%.

In the final session on Sunday, also chaired by Carmen Rosa Lopez Rodriguez, second secretary of the National CTC, the 200 delegates ratified Hector Benitez Mora as general secretary of the Provincial Committee of the CTC.


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