The US blockade affects Special Education in Ciego de Ávila


The Special School Aguedo Morales Reina, Ciego de Avila , is one of the centers significantly affected by the inhumane Trump´s government policy against Cuba.

Nearly 100 autistic, deaf and hard of hearing, visually impaired and intellectual impairment children attend to the institution, whom the US blockade blocks from an effective learning, says the director Wilfredo Ozuna Rodríguez.

The school is deprived of new technology equipment, as the US government blocks its acquisition, explains the manager. However, he states that alternatives are sought to stimulate children´s hearing and language.

Parents and teachers of the special avilanian school directly suffer shortages caused by the economic and financial blockade against Cuba and condemn an aggressive policy doomed to failure.

Given the intensified US blockade in the Águedo Morales Special School of Ciego de Avila there is lack of collective amplifier equipment that hinder teachers ‘ interaction with students.

There are not any toys for the development of autistic children, or Braille printers, while the old machines for blind students to learn only work because of the innovative work of Cubans, says the educator Wilfredo Ozuna.

However, to small children as Lázaro Bartolo Santos and Yoisel Aldana, the empire can not take away their smile with the detailed attention that the teachers on campus keep.

These vanguard educators seek alternatives to defeat the imperialist blockade, convinced that no US government will end the children´s dreams, the most precious treasures of Cuba.

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