The Cuba’s first hotel dedicated to the LGTBQ segment to be open in Cayo Guillermo

Hotel Gran Muthu Rainbow, primera instalación para el segmento LGTBQ+ abrirá sus puertas en Cayo Guillermo, en el Norte de Ciego de Ávila /Foto Carmen González Monteagudo

Next December 5th it will open in Cayo Guillermo, in the north of Ciego de Avila, the Gran Muthu Rainbow, first installation for LGTBQ segment.

The 5 – star resort has 248 rooms, five restaurants, three bars, an entertainment room and spaces for activities related to water sports.

Rafael López Alcaraz, Corporate Director of Muthu Hotels in Cuba, said that the initiative to open the hotel responds to the interests of the chain to diversify its supply in the country, where they are already represented with family and adults-only hotels.

Alcaraz López added that a program was designed to train personnel to work there, with the aim of creating a more inclusive environment.

Opening on 5 December, the Hotel Gran Muthu Rainbow in Cayo Guillermo, reaffirms the intention of the Cuban authorities to promote respect for sexual diversity.

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