Sugar workers Distinguished in Ciego de Ávila

Premiados en el día del trabajador azucarero en Ciego de Ávila/Fotos Dalgys Surita Jaime

Many sugar workers from different municipalities of Ciego de Avila were awarded on October 13 with the medal Jesús Suárez Gayol, for the 20 and 25 years dedicated to this sector, decisive in the socioeconomic life of this central province.

The commemorative activities for the day of the workers in the industry were made in areas of the Mill ´Ciro Redondo´, in which it takes place today one of the largest investments in the country for the development of industry and the productive chain with the bioelectrical plant, that will soon begin operating in that territory.

In this scenario Humberto Alonso Palmero, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Party, congratulated all workers and he urged sugarcane producers to play their role at the level of projected development, and to guarantee raw material is the biggest challenge today.

During the day celebrations Isabel Cristina Collazo Cruz, the first woman to become fifty year in the Avilanian sugar sector, and one of the five who achieved that status this year, expressed her immense pride for having devoted most of her life to the sugar refinery in the Mill ´Ecuador´, in the municipality of Baraguá .

“The Avilanian women have been decisive struts in sugar production systems for years in this central Cuban province , ” said Collazo Cruz excited.

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