Studies of the archaeological site “Los Buchillones” of Ciego de Avila Continue

Research actions at the archaeological site “Los Buchillones”. Photo from Internet

“Los Buchillones” archaeological site, declared a National Monument in 2011, is still being studied and it is now one of the four projects undertaken by the Department of Center Oriental Archeology (DADA), from the province of Holguin.

Conservation and dissemination of heritage values of the precious place is the current interest of DADA, whose research weighted Aboriginal as colonial category and include him as a leading entity in the historical and social processes of the island.

“Los Buchillones” archaeological site lies on the northern coast of Ciego de Avila province and it is considered among the ones with the highest number of pieces of pottery and wood found throughout the Caribbean region.

More than a thousand 400 pieces found at the archaeological site, which has undergone multiple studies of the founding communities of agro potters Aboriginal that inhabited the place.

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