Students from Ciego de Ávila receive their bachelor’s certificate

Reciben sus títulos de bachiller estudiantes de Ciego de Ávila en una gala política cultural efectuada en el teatro principal /Fotos Miladys Causilla Cutiño

More than 700 students of twelfth grade in Ciego de Ávila received the Bachelor’s certificate from the hands of teachers and families.

In a cultural political gala held in the “Principal” Theater of the Avilanian territory, the most integral students were recognized, among them Angélica María Peña, Melissa Laura Padilla and Adonay Pérez López.

The moment was opportune for the delivery of recognitions to the students and teachers with better results in the tests of entrance to the university.

In the meeting the 40 members of the pedagogical school were stimulated, future quarry of teachers, who will contribute to improve the teaching coverage of the province.

As a sign of their political maturity, the graduates rejected the activation of Title III of the Helms Burton Act, and expressed the commitment of the new generation to the future of the country.

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