Samples of solidarity and support for the freedom of Lula da Silva continue in Ciego de Avila

Carlos Luis Garrido Pérez, primer secretario del Partido Comunista de Cuba en Ciego de Ávila, firma por el reclamo de la liberación de Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva /Foto Jorge Luis Delgado Felipe

The solidarity and support demanding for the immediate release of Brazilian ex-president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, are manifest in Ciego de Avila after collecting signatures in workplaces and political and mass organizations.

Daimí Ortega Vargas, chemical bioanalyst and the youngest worker of the Provincial Microbiology Laboratory, was the first of the campus last Friday in signing the document, whose act touched her by the significance of the revolutionary work of the leader of the Workers Party in that country.

Meanwhile Dr. Yuliet Rodriguez Beber, from the same care establishment, alleged that Lula is a great talent and friend of Cuba, someone to whom much we owe in exchange projects in the Latin American hemisphere.

With the same impetus of attachment to the cause of ridding the world by inculcating justice, men and women of the Bank of Credit and Services, the Popular Savings, the Fighters ‘ House and the National Association of Economists and Accountants also stamped their signatures by the right to freedom of the Brazilian ex-president.

To this they also joined the workers from People’s Power, the leadership of Labor and Social Security, Finance and Prices and the headquarters of the Union of Public Administration.

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