Revolution Combatants from Ciego de Avila Repudiate imperialist blockade

Foto Miladys Causilla Cutiño

With the presence of the Division General José Carrillo Gómez, national president of the Association of Cuban Revolution Combatants (ACRC), members of that organization in Ciego de Avila condemned the US blockade.

This transpired during the V Provincial Conference of the ACRC, in which they also stated their unconditional commitment to the defense of the nation that no empire can ever defeat.

At the meeting issues related to its operations from the base, the ideological political work with children and adolescents were analyzed, and the work objectives that will guide the labor in the next five years were approved.

Participants at the meeting discussed focusing attention on Combatants who presented the achievements in this regard, while Carrillo Gómez explained that the fundamental role of the partners is in the social and moral recognition in the area of residence.

In the assembly it was ratified Rolando Mache Jaminson as the provincial president of the ACRC and the delegation that will represent Ciego de Avila at the National Conference to be held in April next year was selected.

In the Assembly the Division General José Carrillo Gómez praised the work carried out in the province and called avilanians to be creative in encounters with young people, where the new generation is the protagonist of the date with history.

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