Results in the use of Heberferón acknowledged in Ciego de Avila

Heberferón. Photo ´Radio Reloj´

The results of the group of dermatologists in Ciego de Avila, integrated with the use of Heberferón were recognized by the top leadership of the health program in Cuba, during the National meeting on the implementation of the drug, held in the province of Holguin.

In that event three research works related to treatment were presented, from doctors Jeidy Vidal Suárez, Rogelio Pérez Morgado and Juan Emilio Sels, all residents of this medical specialty.

Dr. Dunia Zotolongo Díaz, coordinator of the program in Ciego de Avila, told Radio Surco that Avilanian doctors were congratulated due to the results in the successful application of this drug in patients with basal cell skin and ´epidermioides´.

By 2020, the team of specialists in Dermatology is committed to ensure the full coverage of the use of that drug within all the territory.

The application program of Heberferón in Ciego de Avila shows impacts from the positive responses of patients to medicine, and the project includes other medical branches, such as ophthalmology, angiology and maxillofacial.

President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel, praised the national program of the use of this drug and its great impact on reducing skin tumors.


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