Radio management in Ciego de Avila makes account

El periodista Yaimer Mujica, de la emisora Radio Chambas, insistió en la necesidad de distribuir con efectividad los medios tecnológicos para optimizar la calidad de los productos en las plataformas digitales. Foto Dalgys Zurita Jaime

The annual Assembly review of the Provincial Radio in Ciego de Ávila focused analysis of the debate on quality management of their regular programming.

The three local stations and provincial chain made accounts of their performances, and it was emphasized in the challenges that the avilanian radio should achieve in 2020.

In that matter, Alfonso Noya Martinez, president of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, stressed the importance of quality for the effectiveness of political work in the ideological battle of the Cuban people.

Onelio Castillo Corderí, General Director of the Cuban Radio, adding that the quality of our programming is also vital in the battle for economic efficiency and in confronting the imperial harassment.

Depending on the quality of radio programming in Ciego de Avila, it was also discussed about the essential professional development and self – management knowledge in each of the specialties.

The celebration for the septuagenarian Day of Radio Morón last year advances in content management and positioning of radio in social networks were other issues widely discussed during the annual meeting of the avilanian radio.

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