Quintas Solá verifies housing construction in Punta Alegre

The General Joaquin Quintas Solá dialogues with new homeowners recently delivered in Punta Alegre / Photos Miladys Causilla Cutiño

The General Joaquin Quintas Solá, together with local authorities of the Party and the Government in Ciego de Avila , verified the construction of houses for victims of Hurricane Irma in Punta Alegre, in the north of the central province.

During his visit Quintas Solá spoke with the inhabitants of the town, future owners of the 60 houses type Sandino, part of Life Task plan, scheduled to be delivered soon.

When arriving at the community Máximo Gómez, Quintas Solá recommended building a playground and create the conditions for women in each family can adequately perform household chores.

In that community also he visited the elementary school “América Latina”, where he became interested in teaching coverage, study materials, students and teachers´ feeding. He also exchanged with pioneers

In the tour he knew about the new mini industry of materials that will be equipped with new technology donated by the Development Program of the United Nations (UNDP), which will benefit the housing recovery plans in Ciego de Avila.

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