Protected areas from Natural wealth of Ciego de Avila under custody

El Parque Nacional Jardines de la Reina cuenta con uno de los fondos mejor conservados del planeta/Foto PL

With a very commendable proportion on a global scale, Ciego de Avila has under custody a fifth of its extension under the title of Protected Areas.

Among them they stand out the wildlife refuge Keys Ana Maria and the biggest marine-coastal site of Cuba, the National Park Jardines de la Reina , both in the south of the province.

Alina Larrondo, Environmental management technician, states that the first is the only place in the world where the conguina jutía is reported, with populations of iguanas, birds, manatees, and a variety of ecosystems that largely depend on mangroves.

In the case of the park, there is in it one of the best preserved funds of the planet, extensive turtle nesting sites and coral populations among the least affected by climate change.

Seven protected areas support the environmental task in Ciego de Avila, to which other proposed sites that will benefit the conservation of the natural heritage will be added.

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