Pozo Brujo still bewitched

Pozo Brujo sigue igualito: su místico manantial continúa ancioso por llenar la piscina donde la incercia le robó la iniciativa a la temporada de Verano 2019/ Foto: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Someone wanted one day to rename ´Pozo Brujo´ by ´Pozo Feliz´. Joy overflowed into the pool of the populous resort then, located in the municipality of Ciro Redondo, in the center of the province of Ciego de Ávila .

Charms of the very cold water source, which does not dry even in times of severe drought, have inspired poets, historians and local writers like Eddy Naranjo León, author of the book entitled Stories of Pozo Brujo.

Today passersby, unmotivated by the loneliness of the place, call it ´Pozo triste´, because the prevailing noise is no longer heard in the summer seasons. There is hardly noticeable haltingly of essential personnel in the custody of the property, and who offer the only survivor service at the point of sale just outside of the recreational facility.

Exactly one year after the collapse of the old turbine, a few hours ago a group of the sugar workers defied the heat and sympathized for solving the problem. When trying to test the substitute device, which sought to restore water and smile to everyone, the installed engine is of 440 volts, and the needed one is 220 volts with 3 phases. Thus, the marathon did not succeed.

When there is short time to live this summer, ´Pozo Brujo´ is still bewitched, a watering place that would work all year round, due to its geographical location and potential reserves in the recreation of the people.

Now, who one day wanted to change the name for ´Pozo Feliz´, comments like this journalist, there joy died because the answer with material resources slipped from their hands, over the past 365 days, to the ressort administration, while procrastination seized the response from the municipal departments of Commerce Business and the Government, for not  having defended a tradition of great popular root.

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