People from Ciego de Avila living abroad give their opinions about the Constitution Project.


From September nationals living abroad will discuss the constitution proposal.

The new Draft Republic Constitution, which the people analyzes and discusses all along Cuba, from September extends to nationals living abroad.

As a prelude to the activity Dayamelis Acosta Cruz, Ciego de Avila physician who is in a mission in Brazil, said the material goes according to the times of changes that the country needs, since it collects many aspects, but without losing the conquered social gains that benefit the people.

Meanwhile Eli Garcia, residing in Chicago, United States, considers it appropriate the subclause related to effective citizenship, because the fact makes us feel more Cuban, she said via the Internet to Radio Surco.

Other people connected to internet born in the central province Ciego de Avila such as Jose Ramon Terry and Armando López Guerra, from Spain praised the topics related to the new forms of investment and governance structures that are developing, whose basis provide greater autonomy and the possibility to Governments to perform.

The proposed reform to the Constitution in the Greater Caribbean island for the first time is subjected to a consultation with the spontaneous participation of about one million 400 thousand Cubans living in around 120 countries in the five continents.


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