Neighborhood tribute to media workers in Ciego de Ávila

Group of reporters who participated in the meeting with ´cederistas´. Photo Jorge Luis Delgado Felipe

A meeting between people and workers of the media in the province took place on Wednesday at the CDR 5 of the zone 141, belonging to the Popular Council Indalecio Montejo in the city of Ciego de Avila.

Somalia Manzano Hernández, provincial coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) in this territory, highlighted the work of media workers in order to keep informed their public and fidelity of the Cuban social process.

Meanwhile Wilfredo Ozuna Rodríguez, coordinator of the CDR zone, recognized those who every day serve as reporters defending the tradition of people that for over six decades ago opted for sovereignty, despite paying a high price for fighting so close to the largest empire in history.

The celebration started in this province on March 4 and will run until 14, when the Day of the Cuban Press is celebrated, during which various activities take place, such as meetings with the people, exchanges with labor collectives and other growth actions.


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