Knowledge about History encouraged in Ciego de Ávila

En todos los niveles los maestros ponen en práctica iniciativas que le dan más protagonismo a los estudiantes /Foto Literarte

Schools of Ciego de Ávila strengthen teaching methods in subjects such as History of Cuba, Civic Education and Political Culture.

As part of the improvement of the sector, at all levels teachers put into practice initiatives that give more prominence to students and constitute ideal vehicles to strengthen values, as indicated by Fidel.

In municipal seminars for the preparation of the next school year, they insist on the study of Martí´s Notebooks and promote the creation of booklets, sheets, models and other creations that contribute to keep the traditions alive.

Executives and methodologists of all educational levels exchange these days in Ciego de Ávila, on how to make more attractive and effective teaching methods that help the integral formation of children and young people.

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