It started in Ciego de Avila the cold season rice planting

Arroceros de Ciego de Ávila en otra campaña productiva /Foto de archivo

This Friday it began in Ciego de Avila the rice cold campaign in the municipality of Bolivia, vital in the basic food basket of most Cubans.

The platoon number three was standard beared to the enlistment of soils in this production center, which will ensure the planting of 700 hectares of rice.

Miguel Velázquez Cabrera, Production Manager of the Grain Agroindustrial Company ´Máximo Gomez´ explained that the province will plant a total of about 800 thousand hectares of the cereal.

They add to the cold season the progress with the investment of the rice industrial plant in Bolivia, including three silos, a dryer and a scale of 80 tons, all with Chinese technology.

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