Hydraulic development continues in Ciego de Ávila

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Workers from the Cuito Cuanavale contingent in Ciego de Ávila are continuing to invest in expanding and improving drinking water services in the territory, despite the US blockade against Cuba.

Hiorvanys Espinosa Pérez, provincial delegate of the Water Resources Company in the province, said that in the midst of the intensified U.S. blockade and the health emergency caused by COVID-19, the operations that make water development possible continue.

The constructive forces are working on the construction of a new water supply source in the municipality of Florencia, one of the few areas of the country that does not have an aqueduct.

The first stage of the work in the northwest of Ciego de Ávila is to establish 19 points of easy access to the natural resource to continue the actions that will improve the availability of drinking water in the area.

Likewise, the new pipeline that will supply the inhabitants of the village El Yarual in the municipality of Bolivia and the one located in Baraguá is progressing, a work that will benefit the inhabitants of the village of Gaspar, and that is included among those that will be finished as a greeting to the National Day of Rebellion.

In addition, they are working on a pipeline located in Morón, to supply five thousand homes, and optimize the quality of water supply to the town.

Throughout the year and in the midst of the health emergency, the workers of the sector maintained the operations planned to improve the time of service of this vital resource in several areas of the province’s head municipality and worked on the elimination of leaks. 

Investments are also being made to improve the water infrastructure in Jardines del Rey, to ensure the continuity of national and international tourism in that region.

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