Food and attractive products from Ciego de Avila in Moscow Fair

Alimentos y productos avileños de alta calidad atraen la atención hoy en el principal recinto ferial de la capital moscovita /Foto tomada de Internet

The good work of the avilanian agro industrial staff shines with food and products from companies of the exporting pole of Ciego de Avila , in the First National Exhibition of export goods and services from Cuba in Russia, held in Moscow.

The exhibition which concludes today (September 20) is developed from the signing of the first export contract of tropical products between the enterprises Cítricos Caribe SA and Russia’s Mashpriborintorg.

The Agro industrial company Ceballos and Selected fruits, along with others in the country, take to this scenario the best finished crops for new and greater opportunities for business and investment, despite the latest wave of aggressiveness of the Trump´s administration against Cuba and its foreign trade.

The event accompanied the celebration of the XVII Session of the Cuban-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for scientific-technical, economic and commercial cooperation with the presence of Vice President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz.

Avilanian food and high quality products attract attention today in the main exhibition center of Moscow capital: Expocenter, as part of the First National Exhibition of export goods and services from Cuba in Russia, which gathers more than 50 companies from the greatest of the Antilles in entering the Russian market.

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