Five awards of the Academy of Sciences for Bioplants Center of Ciego de Avila

Bio plants Center of Ciego de Avila is one of the leading entities in the province scientific task / Photos Bioplants /El Centro de Bioplantas de Ciego de Ávila es una de las entidades que encabeza el queacer científico en la provincia /Fotos de Archivo de Bioplantas

The Bio plants Center of Ciego de Avila won five provincial awards in the grant of the Academy of Sciences for the Day of the Cuban Science, held every January 15th.

Works of Claudia Linares, Yulkeidi Ramírez, Evelio Báez-Janet Quiñones (duet), Lourdes Yabor and Gustavo Lorente, were selected as the best by the importance of their research and the benefit of their applications in agriculture.

Developments in fertilizers, pesticides and other elements that improve the crop of cane, pineapple, tobacco, among others, star in studies awarded this year.

The Bioplants Center was inaugurated on December 5th, 1992 and its mission is to develop, implement and provide advanced technologies, biotech products, academic services and technical assistance in agricultural science and plant biotechnology.

Attached to the Máximo Gómez Báez University, this institution has in its scientific leadership 13 Doctors in Sciences, 21 masters and 18 researchers, along with a staff of young students in full training, which will thicken the research potential of agricultural science in the province.

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