Fight against saline intrusion advances in Ciego de Ávila


From the Ecological fourteen passes for the “Estero Socorro” canal, five are executed in the northeastern area of Ciego de Avila.

Also in the “Chicola”, eight kilometers of mangroves were recovered from the repair of sixteen gates that facilitate the exchange and balance between fresh and salt water.

Rafael González- Abreu Fernández, specialist of the Water Company Management, warned that climate change means for the province a decrease of rainfall and groundwater, as well as the loss of territory by the rise of the level of the sea.

Under the State Plan Task Life, they were also finished in southern Ciego de Avila twenty six recharge wells and nineteen batométrics in order to counter saline intrusion.

A similar purpose exists in the recovery of the “Estero Socorro” and “Chicola” canals, where benefit to the flora, fauna and soil are already observed.


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